Mitchell Stephenson

Mitch is an assistant professor at the University of Montana Western, specializing in health and human performance. He serves as a consultant to limited clientele in macro-kinesiology predictive algorithms, neurocognitive and biomechanical performance optimization, and human systems technology integration in military and police contexts.

Mitch also specializes in team-based pedagogy, effective academic communication strategies, and advanced statistical approaches. Many of these subjects are represented on this website. For further information, please contact him at mitch@biomch.net or use one of the following profiles:

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Originally a Michigander, Mitch completed his B.A. of Sports Sciences at Northern Michigan University in Marquette, MI. He worked, and continues to work, closely with Dr. Randall Jensen in sports biomechanics research related to ACL injury prevention, strength and conditioning, and running. Northern provided a wonderful educational opportunity and provided Mitch a diverse and rich experience.

Mitch then attended the University of Wyoming in Laramie, WY for his M.S. in Kinesiology. Under the mentorship of Dr. Boyi Dai, he continued to pursue his research program concentrating on ACL injury prevention, specifically by integrating theories from motor control and neurology with biomechanical testing.

Finally, Mitch attended Iowa State University in Ames, IA for his doctoral work under the supervision of Dr. Jason Gillette. With the mentorship of both Dr. Gillette and Dr. Ann Smiley-Oyen, Mitch's research continued to implement motor control theory in biomechanical testing strategies to identify the potential pitfalls of perception and action in team sport settings that might alter ACL injury risk. Mitch also worked with the Center for Communication Excellence mentoring graduate students and post-docs in effective communication for scholarly works and grant/scholarship applications.